In addition to the monophasic AMALIAN LT and AMALIAN SF hyaluronic acid fillers the biphasic Expert product line is available for stronger results with a longer duration of the effect, which is a great benef it of these HA-gels. The AMALIAN Expert line is recommended for more experienced practitioners/users.


These biphasic hyaluronic acid fillers consist of crosslinked hyaluronic acid particles in a gel of linear hyaluronic acid. The AMALIAN expert products are perfectly suited for scar treatment and facial sculpting.


Due to the specific galenics, only one third of the volume in comparison to other products on the market is needed to achieve a good result. This is a significant economic advantage for the physician.


As for the patient, in most cases subsequent treatment of the same indication will only need to be done once a year.

Four different concentrations allow for specific treatments with very good aesthetic results:



AMALIAN I expert premium 8,4 mg

AMALIAN II expert effect 24 mg

AMALIAN III expert volume 24 mg

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