AMALIAN dermal fillers are manufactured in Germany and underlie strict quality control.

The innovative AMALIAN biphasic expert products are developed with a special Core-in-Shell-technology (CIS) that make them easy to inject disregarding their high structural viscosity, while the volume effect is quickly restored in the skin. The wrinkle filling effect occurs immediately after injection of the gel.

The unique CIS-technology is based on the following concept:

To delay the natural degradation in the skin, the hyaluronic acid is stabilized. For this purpose, reactive side groups are linked to suitable bridge molecules. However, the hyaluronic acid loses its water solubility as a consequence. Through application of the specific CIS Technology (Core-in-shell) the unsoluble stabilized hyaluronic acid molecules are successfully dispersed in a solution of high-molecular linear hyaluronic acid, in such a way that a homogenous gel with a three-dimensional space-occupying network structure and excellent water retention capacity, high structural viscosity and strong thixotropy originates.

The monophasic LT- and SF-lines are created by milling out of the full and partially hydrated, macromoleculare network after cross-linking.

This technology allows to precisely define the viscoelastic features of the product.

The viscoelastic parameters of the product show properties of the hydrogel such as lifting capacity, mechanical support and spread ease.

The advantages of AMALIAN expert, manufactured with the pioneering CIS Technology are:

  • good distribution in the tissue
  • long-lasting esthetic results of up to 12 months
  • excellent volumizer
  • less material needed

The advantages of AMALIAN LT- and SF-line, produced by the MCT are:

  • very well tolerated
  • homogenized particles
  • more viscoelastic characters
  • disperses well in the tissues
  • more lifting capacity
  • on evenly and immediately produces a visible effect