The monophasic hyaluronic acid fillers of the “LT“ series are homogenous dispersions of low crosslinked hyaluronic acid in buffer solution


Due to the special manufacturing technology
the unsoluble hyaluronic acid particles distribute homogenously in the buffer solution to obtain a clear soft gel, which is easy to inject. Test.


The two monophasic fillers, AMALIAN I LT active 16 mg and AMALIAN II LT intense 24mg are perfectly suited for medium to deep wrinkles. They are also suitable for mild to stronger lip augmentation and treatment of the vermillion border.


AMALIAN gentle 8mg is ideal for glabella lines, fine wrinkles and orbital frame / tear trough. AMALIAN gentle is also well suited for layered treatments after injections of AMALIAN expert.

Four different concentrations allow for specific treatments with very good aesthetic results:


AMALIAN gentle 8 mg

AMALIAN I LT active 16 mg

AMALIAN II LT intense 24 mg

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