The AMALIAN Soft Filler product line “SF” is characterized by a soft, fully hydrated texture, which can be injected easily and without resistance. The gel distributes quickly and evenly in the injected area and immediately produces a visible volume effect.


Due to a special manufacturing method, the unsoluble particles originating from cross-linking of the linear hyaluronic acid chains are fully hydrated, so that every single particle is surrounded by a stable aqueous shell.

These soft particles thus do not absorb any water from the tissue after injection, so that no swelling takes place. The intended volumizing effect happens immediately due to the space-occupying characteristics of the gel.

Four different concentrations offer the options of mild augmentation in fine wrinkles up to strong volume buildup, e.g. in the cheek area to achieve an optimal result:

– AMALIAN SF 14 natural lips

– AMALIAN SF 16 fine

– AMALIAN SF 20 medium

– AMALIAN SF 24 advanced

– AMALIAN SF 28 macro

Depending on the concentration the effect of the AMALIAN SF products lasts up to 6 months. AMALIAN Soft Fillers offer a quick, uncomplicated wrinkle treatment, which is normally free from side effects and provides pure beauty on HA basis for a natural look.

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